Jan 31, 2018

Disney Family Haunted Mansion Cross Stitch Wall Hangings

Today's post is one of the posts from my other blog Needlework Kits. Needlework Kits is a blog which specifically reviews needlecraft kits and shares my experience making them. So far Needlecraft Kits has featured other kits that have been on this blog including the Gingerbread Advent calendar and Witch's Brew wreath. It has also included other craft projects not seen on The Original BritishPandaChick such as cross stitch.

This post will feature a special link to my first cross stitch post on Needlework Kits blog. During this post, I look at two cross stitch patterns from Disney Family.

Disney Family is a blog with variety of Disney inspired posts on recipes, crafts, and other family activities. On the blog, there are several cross stitch patterns. Each post includes two patterns based on a specific Disney or Pixar movie.

Last year, I decided to make the two Haunted Mansion patterns from the blog for a close friend of my fiancee. I did my best to replicate not only both patterns, but turn the finished cross stitches into wall hangings using the embroidery hoop. If you would like to make these cross stitch patterns or just are interested to hear what happened, click the link to the blog post below.

===> Click here to read the Needlework Kits review of the Disney Haunted Mansion Cross Stitch

Have you been to the Haunted Mansion? Share your favorite Haunted Mansion memories in the comments.

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