Oct 31, 2018

Important Announcement: Future of The Original BritishPandaChick

This week's topic for the Ambitionista Twitter chat was all about reinventing yourself. During the chat, we discussed what this means and why it is important. We even shared ways we have reinvented ourselves throughout our lives and what caused us to make a change. I have a personal connection with this topic since reinvention has been something I've been doing quite a lot the past few years both personally and professionally.

One of the things that started this transformation is this blog The Original BritishPandaChick. When I started the BritishPandaChick blog in March 2015, I was at a turning point in my life. The tutoring center I had spent the last two years working at was now closed and I was trying to figure out what my next move should be. I felt lost. I was used to having my life planned out and having several back up plans in place. But when the tutoring center closed, I didn't have a back up plan. I felt like I was navigating myself on an open road with no destination in mind.

This is where BritishPandaChick really came into play. 

I always wanted to start a blog but have put off doing it due to school and work. Now that I was no longer working at the tutoring center, I decided with the support of my then boyfriend at the time I should do it. After figuring out a schedule and deciding on a name, BritishPandaChick was soon born on the web with my first post on the web.

This post was the start of a brand new chapter in my life. A few months later, I discovered coding and began learning how to code, setting me on my own coding journey and changing me into a person I always wanted to be. Last year, I began a brand new blog Needlwork Kits.

It has been three years since that first post and the blog has went through lots of changes along the way. BritishPandaChick evolved into The Original BritishPandaChick. New series have been added to the blog including the popular series My Coding Journey. Lately I've been focused on revisiting previous posts and updating all the content I've written.

2018 has been a defining year in my life.

There have been many personal and professional changes that have happened this year. These changes have caused me to just stop and just reevaluate where I am now and what I'm doing. I've done lots of soul searching throughout this year and I realize this is a sign to reinvent myself once again. I have been looking at each area of my life and learned I was trying to do way too much at the same time.

It didn't matter if it was writing blog posts, coding websites, or just moving forward on my own goals. I was putting way too much on my plate. This wasn't just leaving me stressed. I was becoming unhappy especially about the content I was creating. I found myself getting writer's block even more and would rush each week to get brand new posts published each week. It quickly got to a point that I was seriously considering quitting blogging at this point.

Although I've got several series on this blog already, I found myself struggling to write these posts in the way that fit my style and vision I wanted for this blog. As I kept creating more content, I was actually distancing myself from what I originally wanted to do with this blog. When I was updating blog posts this summer, I realized how far my posts were moving away from my original vision I had when I started BritishPandaChick.

I've been thinking about the best direction for The Original BritishPandaChick for quite awhile. I've often played with the idea of moving to a different platform, coding my very own blog.or just stop blogging completely. After doing some soul searching, I decided I will keep blogging. Despite the struggles I've had with blogging, it is still important to me and something that gives me joy. But after writing my post for Chef last week, I realized what I needed to do is go back to basics just like Favreau did when he was making the movie.

What does this mean?

It means a brand new blog! Starting today, I set up a brand new blog called BritishPandaChick Codes. This blog is going to have a completely different set up than The Original BritishPandaChick. There will be no set schedule and I'll be limiting the topics I'll be talking about on this blog. The only topics I'll be talking about on BritishPandaChick Codes are tech, careers, and books. If you are interested in learning more about any of these topics, you can subscribe below to know when I published a new post.

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I've been going back and forth on what I should do with The Original BritishPandaChick for quite awhile. After giving this a great deal of thought, I feel that the best thing to do is close this blog. This wasn't an easy decision to make. The Original BritishPandaChick has been an important part of helping me get to where I am today. I've dedicated lots time and energy into growing this blog, but I feel that the best way to reinvent the BritishPandaChick blog is getting a fresh start with a brand new blog for a brand new chapter of my life.

Today's post will be my last post here on The Original BritishPandaChick. For the rest of 2018, I'll be transferring posts from the My Coding Journey series to BritishPandaChick Codes. Once all the content I want is on the new blog, I will be deleting this blog permanently. Needlework Kits will remain the same and will still feature posts on different needlecraft kits.

I just want to take a minute to say thank you to all the readers who have visited, commented, and followed along with The Original BritishPandaChick over the past three years. The support each of you has given to this blog didn't just help grow this blog. It has helped transform my life and allowed me to grow in the best version I can possibly be. Thank you for all the support and feedback over the years!

If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail at britishpandachick@gmail.com and I'll be happy to answer them.

Oct 24, 2018

Chef Movie

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The Original BritishPandaChick has featured lots of movies over the past three years. I admit that most of these movies are often Disney related in some kind, but a few non-Disney movies have appeared on the blog. Disney movies and period dramas may seem like the only things I watch, but they don't make up my favorite films list. Today's post is taking a look at one of the movies to make this list.

This post is taking a look at the movie Chef. I saw this movie in theaters in 2014 and it quickly made its way on my list of favorite films of all time list. I love movies that involve lots of cooking and working with food. When I saw this movie, it quickly made its way on my favorite movies of all time list. I've been watching this movie again on SHOWTIME and decided to share my thoughts on one of my favorite movies.


Chef was written and directed by Jon Favreau. People might know him best for playing Happy Hogan in the Marvel cinematic universe, but he’s has lots of experience doing work behind the scenes in writing, directing, and producing. Right now he is hard at work directing and producing the upcoming live action remake of The Lion King.

Restaurateur and chef Roy Choi served as technical advisor and a co-producer on the movie. He allowed Favreau to do some training at his restaurants in order to prepare for the movie. Choi was responsible for putting together the menus for the movie and developing dishes that were made on screen.

Chef stars Jon Favreau, Sofia Vergara, and John Leguizamo. The movie premiered at South by Southwest on May 7, 2014. It was released two days later in theaters.

The movie was praised by fans and critics. Since its release, the movie was become popular with food fans. One of these fans is Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish. He has made no secret that Chef is one of his favorite movies and made a few recipes inspired by the movie. Below is one of the episodes from his show. Favreau and Choi made an appearance during season one where they made chocolate lava cakes together.

Plot Summary

The entire plot of Chef revolves around the character Chef Carl Casper. Carl is the head chef at Gauloise in California and a favorite with his kitchen staff especially Martin and Tony. Outside of the kitchen, Carl’s personal relationships are strained especially with his son Percy. Carl admits in the movie he’s not the best father figure and isn't sure how to connect with Percy at his age.

At the opening of the movie, famous food critic Ramsey Michel is coming to Gauloise to write a review. Carl is excited and has a special menu planned to impress Michel. Before the staff can start cooking, Carl gets into a discussion with Riva, the owner of Gauloise, about the menu. Riva makes it clear he wants the menu to stay with the classic menu instead of making brand new dishes.

Carl gives into Riva’s wishes and cooks the traditional menu despite the original agreement he had with Riva which gave Carl control over the menu. When the review is published, Ramsey criticizes everything from the food to even Carl himself. Carl is upset by the review since he knew he should have cooked the menu he originally had planned.

When he learns that Ramsey’s review has been read and retweeted by thousands of people on social media, he uses his brand new Twitter account to write a message to Ramsey about his review. He doesn’t realize this reply was actually made public and results in him getting over one thousand followers overnight as well as a reply back from Ramsey. Carl responds back by inviting Ramsey back to Gauloise with a plan to serve a brand new menu just for him. Unfortunately this leads to another confrontation between Carl and Riva over the menu that ends with Carl quitting on the spot

Carl returns home and prepares the menu he was originally planning on serving Ramsey while his kitchen staff moves forward preparing the regular menu. While dining at Gauloise, Ramsey goes on Twitter and begins criticizing Carl again. Carl reads the tweets and becomes so furious that he goes to the restaurant where he finally confronts Ramsey about the review. This confrontation is filmed and shared online, destroying all of Carl’s credibility and chances to get hired at any other restaurants. This makes Carl feel lost and puts further tension on his relationship with Percy with whom Carl originally planned on taking to New Orleans.

As Carl tries to figure out what he should do next, his ex-wife Inez extends Carl an invitation to join her and Percy on a trip to Miami to watch Percy while she is working. Carl initially hesitates, but agrees when Inez points out that going back to Miami might help him figure out what to do since that is the place where he became a chef and where Percy was born. While in Miami, Carl rediscovers Cuban cuisine and begins warming up to Inez’s suggestion he should start his own food truck. He agrees to meet with Inez’s husband Marvin about getting a food truck. As he puts together his food truck and devising a menu, Carl’s entire life is transformed from who he is as a chef to even his relationship with Percy.

Reflections on Chef

Before I saw this movie in theaters, I didn't know very much about Chef and hadn't seen any of the trailers. I did have some expectations on what to it might be like. I've seen lots of latest food films. Many food films these days have the same themes and elements.

Whenever movies have chefs and cooking, the creative team doesn't just try showing as much food as possible. These stories often have the main character rediscovering themselves somehow through cooking or improving a relationship with someone through cooking. This is seen in movies such as Julie and Julia as well as No Reservations where these elements are used in parts of the story.

Chef does have these elements, but Favreau didn't just want to fill this movie with everything seen often in these movies. It was clear that he wanted to tell a good story. While promoting the movie, he often described Chef as his way of getting back to basics to making movie. This shows in the story. The story is kept simple but it is told very well.

Favreau understands the value of time in a movie and he wanted to make sure every minute in this movie was used wisely. Therefore the story doesn't waste any time and gives just the right amount of details the audience needs to know. Favreau knows when the movie needs to slow down to tell the audience what is going on and when he can just show the audience what is going on.

A great way to he does this is in the opening of the movie. The first few minutes of the movie quickly tell the audience everything they need to know about Carl from his cooking style to what his relationship is like with Percy. When the Carl reads Michel's review, the movie changes and allows him to tell Molly about how he really feels about the review. Moments like these show how carefully Favreau thought about the story in the movie and how to best tell it within the time frame for the movie.

The only shot that might have felt completely out of place in the movie is the scene where Carl is making Molly the pasta aglio e olio back at his apartment. This scene always feels like it doesn't really fit within story. I wasn't quite sure what this scene served in the purpose of the story, but I imagine it was there not only to show how the dish was being made but give more screen time to Molly outside of Gauloise. It probably also served as stepping stone for Carl to later go into the Gauloise's kitchen to find a way to reinvent the menu at Gauloise.

This movie does show lots of food, but Favreau doesn't just use food or someone cooking food the entire time. These moments are often used as ways to transition to specific moments of the story or to show contrast. One of my favorite food moments from the movie is second rematch dinner Michel is having at Gauloise. Favreau shows different courses of Michel's meal and contrasts these shots with a course Carl is preparing from the menu he wanted to serve Michel that night. This approach made it feel like

Chef isn't just about the beautiful dishes. A lot of the movie is about how these dishes are made and the emotions they bring to the people that make them. Favreau really wanted the food to help bring out Carl's joy for cooking and it shows whenever he's making food. You can feel his excitement when he is handling specific ingredients or just cooking the food he wants. A great way he does this is by showing how the kitchen staff is when they are preparing the menu for Michel before his two visits. The audience and feel the energy and excitement from the kitchen over the food they are making. Favreau then shows the opposite by giving the audience a look inside the kitchen on the night Michel visits the restaurant a second time and how the mood has shifted as well as hinting the emotional impact plays on the food they are making.

The movie maybe known for the cooking and food, but it is the moments with Carl and Percy that make this one of my favorite movies. This is the most important relationship in the movie and provides plenty of moments that help shape their relationship. While Carl is introducing Percy into cooking and being in a kitchen, Favreau does include moments to help him understand his son more. He does this by including scenes where Percy is showing Carl how to use Twitter and how he's using social media to promote the food truck.


Chef is a unique food film. It doesn't just have the common elements audiences expect when they think about chefs and food. This movie just wanted to entertain and tell a good story. If you love food movies, this is a movie you need to watch.

There a few ways to watch this movie. Chef is available on DVD/Blu-Ray. You can find this movie at your favorite place to get movies or online. Google Play Store and I-Tunes have this movie available rent or buy so you can stream this movie to your favorite mobile device. Lately Chef has been playing on Showtime. Check your TV provider to see when the movie might be playing next.

What did you think of the movie Chef? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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Oct 17, 2018

My Coding Journey: Everything You Need to Know About Developing the Relationships with Clients and Peers

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We're back to Skillcrush 300 with today's post in the My Coding Journey series. This is the last lesson in Skillcrush 300 about networking. The last thing you need to know about networking is building relationships with the potential clients and peers you meet. I've dived into this a little bit in some of my previous networking posts, but the main goal in the other lessons were showing you how and where to meet people to grow your network. Today's topic is going to focus on growing the relationship with the people you are adding to your network in order to get the maximum benefits that come from networking.

Today's lesson is reviewing all of the tips Skillcrush gives their students on bonding with all the new connections you've been making. These are tips many freelancers use including ones who work at Skillcrush. By the end of this post, you'll know the secrets to talking to people in your network, the best way to reach out to your top leads, and how to start a conversation with other people in your network.

Still need some connections? If you need more networking tips, head over to the My Coding Journey series tab at the top of this blog. This page will have all the posts for this series including ones from Skillcrush 300. You'll also find the last post in the series which is all about networking with your peers and building a support network. I describe the value a professional support network has on your career and tips for going about building one.

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Growing Your Network

Up to this point, all the networking lessons in Skillcrush 300 have been about growing your network by meeting new people and discover how to help each other. Now it is time for the next step which is all about building and maintaining these relationships with all the people you've met online or through in person networking events. Building lasting relationships with your connections is going to be similar to how you created some of the most important relationships in your life so it means putting in work and effort to make them work. It also feel scary and intimidating, but Skillcrush and I both know you can do this. As a matter of fact, you will find the more you do this, the better and faster you'll be at building relationships.

When it comes to building relationships with your brand new connections, think of this step as gardening at some of the famous estates and homes throughout the world. Famous locations like Buckingham Palace are constantly working on maintaining the palace gardens just like a freelancer tries to maintain and grow the relationships with people in his/her support network. These gardeners aren't just planting new seeds. The gardeners constantly check in on every plant in the queen's gardens to weed and water the plants just so the gardens stay picture perfect all year round. This is the same approach freelancers do with members of their networks. They check in with each other and help each other when it is needed in order to stay top of mind with each other.

As you begin building relationships, Skillcrush encourages students to see each new relationship as an opportunity to practice. Each freelancer has a different approach to building relationships so what works for one person might not work for another. Building relationships is a learning experience that will help you figure out what methods work the best and let you try new ones that can help strengthen relationships you have with clients and other freelancers.

Each connection isn't just an opportunity to experiment with different methods and techniques. . Networking is all about connecting with other people. This doesn't mean attending networking events you can find and afford on your own. It is also a way to help build your confidence in yourself and in the skills you are offering

Start a conversation!

In order to build a relationship with your brand new connections, you have to start reaching out to your new connections. This can feel awkward especially if you are reaching out to someone you don't know very well. You might feel just like Cady from Mean Girls on her first few days of high school. Below is a clip from Mean Girls which shows what happened to Cady on her first day especially when she is trying to decide where to sit in the cafeteria. Cady's first day shows that her uncertainty over where to sit is how we all feel when we are unsure where to start when it comes to reaching out to our new connections we make from networking.

Skillcrush and I both agree that the best way to reaching out to members of your network is just simply putting yourself out there. This is similar to The Biggest Loser workout DVDs where Bob and Jillian remind viewers to just keep moving during the workouts. Just diving right is already one building block to strengthening the relationship you have with one of your connections. You don't have to worry about saying the right thing. As a matter of fact, you can never go wrong with just saying "Hello" or "Thank you" to someone.

Initiating a conversations are going to be different depending on what kind of event you are attending. Many in person events often have networking as part of their scheduled events so it is expected people attending are do this at these events. If you are attending an in person event, Skillcrush suggests walking up to someone and introducing yourself. Chances are the person you talk to will be glad that you did. You can even walk up to people and ask to join their conversation. This is common at networking events.

Online conversations are much easier to begin since many platforms allow you to send private messages or reply to people's posts. Twitter allows users to retweet other people's tweets. Many developers do this during Twitter chats to show the conversation happening on the weekly topic. Although it is tempting to just hit the like button on another's person post, I encourage you to write a thoughtful reply back to what your connections might have said. This can be a thank you to someone who shared an amazing resource that helped you or adding to a comment to someone's post.

Tips to Talking to Your Connections

Skillcrush puts together a list of tips other freelancers have used when talking to potential clients or professionals for their support networks. These are tips that can help you not only help you start building a connection with members of your network but can also make you confident as you talk to them.

1. When in doubt, keep things simple. 

If things aren't simple, it can be easy to psyche yourself out and forget what you are trying to do. Therefore you want to make things as easy as possible for the person you are reaching out to. This might look like a short e-mail letting them know a resource that might help them or just a quick message on social media congratulating on them on a work anniversary.

2. Think about others before yourself. 

Networking works the best when people try helping each other. So use your conversations with your connections as ways to learn more about them. Freelancers suggest writing little notes about each of your connections in a notebook or on the back of their business cards. You can even open a note in your phone's notepad app and write a couple of details about each of your connects there. This will help you remember these details for later. Experienced freelancers will reference these details later when they contact them and starting conversations with them.

3. Come prepared.

This tip is especially important for attending in person and online events. Before you attend, you will want to make sure you have your elevator pitch ready and have practiced it a couple of times. If it is a casual event or an online event, prepare some short statements instead that let people know clearly who you are and what you do. Some freelancers will even prepare business cards for this event or resumes if they are attending career or job fairs.

Remember the spreadsheet I mention during the fast track formula post? As you continue networking, make sure to keep this spreadsheet updated by adding any new leads you learn about. Leads can be people that could eventually hire you someday so it is important to keep in touch since you never know when they might need your services. You can use this spreadsheet not just to keep contact information about your leads. This is a great place to put any details about your leads. When you write them e-mails later, you can use details to help you write a personalized message.

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4. Engage with others.

Skillcrush encourages students to be active members of the conversation. This means not only being a good listening to learn about the people but also helping conversation continue. A great way to do this is just by asking questions. These can be questions about the event both of you are attending or on something they might have brought up during the conversation.

5. Act generous. 

Experienced freelancers swear by this tip since giving to others is how they got to where they are now. It is also a great way to stay top of mind with people in your network. When members of your network come with a reasonable favor, say yes! Skillcrush defines a reasonable favor as any task that would take less than 15 minutes to do. If you haven't gotten any favors, you can still be generous by supporting other people's work or finding ways to help them with issues they might be facing. This might be sending them a resource to help them to just sending them a message telling them good luck on something they might be doing.

6. Manners matter.

As you keep networking, you'll find yourself in many situations. If you find yourself in a conversation at any networking event that starts to feel uncomfortable or off, just politely excuse yourself and leave the conversation. Listen and follow on your instincts in these situations. You don't need to stay in a conversation that isn't going anywhere or makes you feel uncomfortable.

The Importance of Following Up with Your Connections

This is a habit Skillcrush encourages all their students to start developing since it is the key to strong relationships with clients and other freelancers. You need to always follow up with clients and other professionals as quickly and regularly as you can. You will want to follow up with others in the following situations:
  • meeting someone at an event
  • completing work
  • you refer someone
  • someone has referred you
If you are following up with a client, it is best to follow up immediately after you complete a project in order to see if your client needs more help, has questions, or just to see if the project is working they way they want. This also a great time to ask for feedback from your clients as well as get referrals and testimonials.

If your are following up with a peer, Skillcrush suggests students follow up in 48 hours. You can do this with a e-mail, tweet, or message on a platform you both use. You can also google their contact information if you don't have their contact information. Skillcrush recommends students use form of contact the other person would like you to use or what is on their business card if they have given you one.

The only thing you need to be careful with when following up with clients and peers is not going overboard. This doesn't just mean following up on one platform once. It also means not following them on every social media platform you both are one. Instead Skillcrush recommends limiting yourself to following them on one or two sites to start with. I recommend at least connecting with them at least on LinkedIn since it is a professional site.

Writing the Perfect Message

The last section of today's post is about writing out your first e-mail to connect with your top leads. Top leads are the ones that are the most likely to hire you or need your services. Skillcrush recommends starting with the leads you have talked to recently at an in person event or an online event. Although your messages will vary for each person, there are a few things you can to do all your messages that can help you connect with potential clients or freelancers.

First, keep your message short and easy to read. There are tons of e-mails that come into everyone's inbox everyday so make sure these messages are something people can read easily. As you write your message, you want to sound as friendly as possibly. This is where you can use all the details you wrote down about each of your connections. You can ask them questions to how their day is going or how their trip might have went if they mentioned it at their last event.

Skillcrush provides students with a template to use in order to writing the perfect message, but they encourage students to customize their e-mails as long as these additions are direct and short. Remember people will read messages quickly on social media and in e-mail so you will want to make things as clear as possible so your leads know what to do to help your. Finally, don't forget to proofread and spell check your message before you click send.


That's a wrap on networking in Skillcrush 300! You now know how to start building relationships with other freelances and top leads for freelance projects. This post has some tips to help you start from reaching out to your connections to following up with them. I have even reviewed some of Skillcrush's tips for writing the perfect message to ones professional freelancers use to talk to other people in their networks.

The My Coding Journey series is taking another month off to let you start growing the connections you've been forming within your own networks. When the series returns, Skillcrush 300 is going to be moving onto working on a freelance project with a client. The next lesson is about the client intake process. I'll be reviewing this process works and what you need to do in the first initial stages.


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Oct 3, 2018

To All the Boys I've Loved Before Movie

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This week's post is taking a look at the movie To All the Boys I've Loved Before. It is based on the book of the same name by author Jenny Han. To All the Boys I've Loved Before has been one of the most talked about movies this summer on social media. Since it was released on Netflix on August 17, the movie was been highly praised by fans and critics. Netflix or Han have not confirmed if a sequel based on the second book P.S. I Still Love You is happening, but she and some of the cast have commented on the possibility of a sequel in the future.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before was directed by Susan Johnson. Johnson directed the film Carrie Pilby in 2016, but she has lots of experience producing movies. Adapting Han's book into a movie wasn't easy. When Han reflected on her experience translating process of translating the book into a movie, she particularly points out how she felt before they began shooting the movie since only one production company would agree to Han's requirement to keep the main character Asian American. The movie stars Lana Condor, Noah Centineo, and John Corbett. Han herself even makes a cameo during the movie.

After the movie was released on Netflix, the movie has become popular on social media. The popularity has even benefited Yakult with sales for the yogurt drink increasing since it was used in the movie. The social media reaction is still very strong with many people going onto social media to talk about their first loves after watching the movie. It currently holds a 96% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and has been certified fresh.

Plot Summary

The movie focuses on the Lara Jean Covey's story and point of view. Lara Jean is a high school junior who is terrified of driving and feels like she is invisible at her school. She has only one friend Christine at school and is very close with her family. She is especially her two sisters Margot and Kitty.

Lara Jean's most precious possession is a teal hatbox her late mother gave her where she keeps five love letters she's written. When Lara Jean has strong feelings for a boy, she writes each a love letter where she expresses how she feels about each. She keeps the letters in the hatbox and rereads them from time to time to remind her how powerful her emotions are. There are five love letters total.
  • Peter. He is the most popular boy at Lara Jean's high school and plays lacrosse. He's also dating Gen, Lara Jean's ex best friend.
  • Kenny from camp
  • John from Model UN
  • Lucas. He is another student at Lara Jean's high school.
  • Josh. He also attends Lara Jean's high school and is her next door neighbor. He is also dating Lara Jean's sister Margot.
It is the beginning of Lara Jean's junior year of high school. Margot and Josh break up before she leaves for college in Scotland. In the past, Lara Jean would hang out with Margot and Josh. Now that they are broken up, she's not sure what to do. Then one day at school, Peter confronts her at gym class to politely reject her, revealing he received one of the love letters she had written to him. Lara Jean is horrified and faints. When she wakes up, she sees Josh coming with another letter. She's not ready to talk to him so she quickly grabs Peter and unexpectedly kisses him in order to make Josh believe she really likes Peter.

Now with all the letters out, Lara Jean finds herself dealing with the fallout of each boy getting her letters. Peter confronts Lara Jean again to discuss the letter as well as the kiss she gave him earlier. Lara Jean explains the letters as well as why she kissed him. Peter understands and then suggests they fake date each other since Peter is in a similar situation with Gen, who he just broke up with earlier. By fake dating, they can help each other from making Josh believe Lara Jean doesn't have feelings for him anymore to making Gen jealous that Peter is with Lara Jean.

Lara Jean initially hesitates, but agrees to the plan. The two create a contract on what they both need to follow while they are fake dating in order to make everyone believe they are together. The plan works perfectly with everyone believing they are together. As they spend more time together, Lara Jean begins to realize she truly has feelings for Peter. Now she doesn't know what to do. As she figures out what to do, she begins to see that she was never truly invisible after all.

Reflections on To All the Boys I've Loved Before Movie

I haven't watched very many Netflix original movies so this was my first Netflix original movie I've ever watched and as of right now it is my favorite one I've seen. I haven't read any of Han's books, but this movie has made me interested in reading them all. After seeing the trailers, I had high expectations for this movie.

I watched the movie on the day Netflix released it on their platform and was blown away by what it delivered. I was expecting a traditional teen romantic comedy which had as many cliches it could possibly have into the story. Instead the movie focuses less on what cliches it needs to have and more on telling a story that can get the audience emotionally invested.

My favorite character in the movie is Lara Jean. The internet might be in love with Peter, but I think Lara Jean is by far the best character in the movie. Lara Jean feels like the modern version of Samantha Baker from Sixteen Candles. She thinks and acts like a regular teenager so you can relate to how she reacts to situations she is put in to how she is feeling at each moment of the story.

The movie often uses her narration to guide the audience into giving them important details about characters or situations as well as what she might be thinking. When she tries to break up with Peter before the ski trip, the narration is used to show what she is thinking before she gives her answer to Peter's question on why he wants to know why she's scared. The movie doesn't always rely on the techniques often used in movies to show what a character is thinking or feeling. Instead the creative team tried some unique ways to show what might be going on in Lara Jean's mind and how her imagination might work.

One of these ways was using the characters Josh and Peter to talk to Lara Jean when she is thinking alone in her room. These dream versions of these characters were a refreshing change in how the creative team was showing what was going on in Lara Jean's mind since it didn't just show how her feelings towards these boys were changing but it transformed these thoughts into a conversation. Although these dream versions of the characters are talking to her, Lara Jean does have some moments where she does talk to them.

Although the movie is about her romantic relationships, some time is given on her relationships with her family and friends. Several of the moments are given to her family especially her two sisters. Some of my favorite moments from the movie are actually ones where she is spending time with her sisters or talking to her father about her late mother. These moments don't just impact the story and her relationships with some of her love interests but help show different sides to Lara Jean's character and how they understand her.

The only relationships that could have been improved are actually Lara Jean's friendships with Christine and Lucas. It was clear the creative team couldn't equally give enough time to all Lara Jean's relationships so her friendships were the ones that didn't get as much time on screen with her as the other characters. Most often the scenes with these characters felt as if they were just thrown into the story just to show Lara Jean does have some friends to interact with. However the creative team made up for this by having them give Lara Jean most honest advice on what she should do and how she's changed.

Then there are the romantic relationships in Lara Jean's story. It isn't a surprise that Peter has been such a popular character from the movie since a large amount of the movie is given to developing his character and building his relationship with Lara Jean. Although there were five recipients to Lara Jean's love letters, the creative team focused on developing Peter and Josh since they play a larger role in the story and roles in Lara Jean's life.

Josh in particular doesn't just serve as a potential love interest. He acts as a confidant for Lara Jean especially when she's starting to be confused on how she truly feels about Peter. Even though they don't get a lot of attention, the movie does quickly show what the other recipients do when they get the letters. This way it provides a nice resolution for the audience for these characters especially for Lucas and Kenny without taking too much time from the main romantic relationships.


To All the Boys I've Loved Before isn't just a an adaptation of Han's book. This movie is a tribute to other teen movies like Sixteen Candles and She's All That which is have an entertaining story which gets the audience to connect with the story and especially characters. If you love romantic comedies or just want to watch a feel good movie, you need to watch this movie.

To All the Boys I've Loved Before is currently playing on Netflix. Just search the movie or look under Romance to find the movie. If you would like to read the book, check out your favorite place to buy books or go rent the book from the library. You can also find the book online even on I-Tunes and Google Play Store both in ebook and audiobook formats.

What did you think of To All the Boys I Loved Before? Share your thoughts or favorite moments in the comments.


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Sep 26, 2018

Final Fantasy VIII

Copyright 2016-2018 Square Enix Final Fantasy VIII Wiki
Last week, Square Enix announced several Final Fantasy titles would be heading to the Nintendo Switch, XBox One, and Playstation 4 in 2019. Some of the titles announced included Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy X, and even Final Fantasy X-2. If you'd like to see the full line up of what Final Fantasy games are coming to the Nintendo Switch, you can head over to Square Enix's social media channels to see the full line up of games headed to these platforms.

==> Click here to see Square Enix's post on Twitter!

When you look at the replies, you might have seen all the memes about Final Fantasy VIII. One of the biggest reaction to Square Enix's big news were questions why they skipped over Final Fantasy VIII. While Final Fantasy VII is one of the remakes Square Enix is working on and they re-released the games that followed Final Fantasy VIII, fans are noticing that Square Enix is avoiding Final Fantasy VIII as much as possible.

There have been many guesses why this happening, but Square Enix has made no official statement about any plans they have for Final Fantasy VIII at the time of this review. While there are no plans to re-release the game or remake the game, I think Square Enix is probably working on a way to bring Final Fantasy VIII to some of the platforms available today. They are closely watching fan reactions on social media as they try to figure out the best way to bring this game to Final Fantasy fans.

Final Fantasy VIII might not be joining the other Final Fantasy titles on Nintendo Switch and XBox One, but I imagine the game is going to join the others someday down the road. For now, VIII is getting the spotlight here on The Original BritishPandaChick with today's post. This post is taking a look at this game to see what Square Enix did right with the game and what areas the game could improve if they plan to re-release or remake the game in the future.

Background on Final Fantasy VIII

Development for this game began in 1997. During this time, many Final Fantasy fans can notice a shift in how Square (before the company became Square Enix) was approaching games in this series. Games such as Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII were focusing less on medieval worlds and more on realistic worlds with more technology. Final Fantasy VIII takes the realistic approach even further with the game's director Yoshinori Kitase wanting just the right balance of fantasy and realism. Character designer Tetsuya Nomura wanted the game feel similar to the school days in Japan. This led to the creation of the game's military academies and SeeDs in the story.

Final Fantasy VIII still has the core elements most players associate with Final Fantasy, but it also tries to play with new technology and ideas to keep the series fresh. When it came to Final Fantasy VIII, the team used motion capture technology to make the characters appear lifelike as much as possible for the full motion video scenes throughout the game. One of the most best known examples of motion capture is the iconic dance sequence between Rinoa and Squall during the game. Here's some of the footage the development team used to help them make the dance scene in the game.

Final Fantasy VIII was released in Japan on February 11, 1999 on PlayStation. It was released September 9, 1999 in North America. The game was a financial success and has sold millions of copies worldwide. Critics and fans praised the game at the time of its release. Final Fantasy VIII had other merchandise released alongside the game from strategy books to action figures. Since then, the game has been released as PC version in 2000 and was re-released on the PlayStation Store in 2009 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. In 2013, the game was re-released on Steam.

Plot Summary

The entire story of Final Fantasy VIII focuses on the character Squall Leonhart. Squall is a student at Balamb Garden, one of the three military academies in the game's world. Squall is a loner and can be cold towards others. At the beginning of the game, Squall has been training outside of Balamb Garden with his rival Seifer Almasy. During their duel, the two scar each other with their gunblade weapons.

It is the day of the SeeD exam where students are tested to see if they will become members of the mercenary group sent on missions throughout the world. Squall spends the day doing the last pre-requisites then later the exam itself before becoming a member of SeeD. The next day, Squall receives his first mission. The mission is to go to Timber and assist the rebel group Forest Owls with their plans to liberate Timber from Galbadian control.

During the mission, Squall meets Rinoa Heartilly, the leader of the Forest Owls and a woman he briefly talked to the night before at the SeeD graduation. While fulfilling their part of their contract to the Forest Owls, Squall and the rest of the team start learning what is causing all the problems in their world. This cause is none other than Edea, a powerful sorceress who soon gains control of Galbadia. As the SeeDs learn more, their mission gradually changes from helping Timber to stopping Edea.

Once Edea is defeated, they discover she was never the real source of the problem after all. Edea was actually under control of Ultimecia, a sorceress from the future. Ultimecia plans on using time compression to undo the entire world and has been using Edea as part of her plan to accomplish this. As more of Ultimecia's plan becomes clear, the SeeD team must find a way to stop Ultimecia and save the world.

Throughout the game's main story, the game also includes a side story with Laguna Loire. Laguna's scenes are flashbacks only but they expand on many of the things that are happening in Squall's story from introducing important characters to showing why certain things are important for Ultimecia's plan. During these flashback scenes, players will see Laguna through specific moments in his life from his time in the Galbadian army to life after it.

Reflection of Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy VIII holds a special place in my heart because this is the first Final Fantasy game I ever played and is on my list of one of my favorite video games. I remember seeing the commercials for this game on TV when I was younger and just being completely drawn into the world of the game. The commercials made this game feel like it was a movie with much of the TV spots focusing on the full motion video sequences rather than the game play itself. When my younger brother did get a Playstation, Final Fantasy VIII was one of the first games he got for his system. He let me play the game and even gave me my very own memory card to save my game on.


It is clear the development team for this game was trying to make this game feel like a movie. The commercials for this game helped add to this illusion, using the video sequences to not only make players want to get the game, but get invested in the story. Stories are very important in video games and it is even more important in Final Fantasy VIII since this game isn't just about the conflict between the SeeDs and Ultimecia. Instead the game's story focuses on the emotional sides of these characters and the relationships between them. The creators for the game really wanted to show what video games could be so I get a feeling they put a lot of effort into this story in order to step outside of a comfort zone most video games stay in.

The end result is a story which doesn't just have the battles between good and evil. They instead chose to make this game center around building the relationships between characters and how they are feeling. A lot of this centers around Squall and Rinoa. In most video games, the romances are often side notes and are sometimes hinted in other video games. In Final Fantasy VIII, the romance is the most important part of the story that provide important moments that build the relationship between these two characters. Final Fantasy as a romance was definitely putting the development team outside of their comfort zone, but the development team faced this challenge head on and managed to make it work within an RPG in a satisfying way that worked within the tone of the story.

Now the story isn't 100% perfect. Although lots of time and effort was put into making a good story, there are specific areas where the story can be confusing or at times feel very vague. One of these scenes was during the flashback story with Laguna where he's fighting a dragon. Although this scene was meant to introduce an important element for the story, but this introduction was just shown briefly at the end of the sequence. These moments start happening in the middle of the game as the characters begin learning more about each other and especially their enemies. At these moments, I felt the game was trying to rush the story at these moments instead of taking their time to show why these scenes are so important rather than trying to juggle different things happening in the story.


In order to make a successful Final Fantasy game, there has to be memorable characters to bring the story to life. Final Fantasy VIII follows this tradition by having the game concentrate on several individual characters with different personalities. While Squall and Rinoa are the main protagonists the game follows, the main game also includes four other characters that are given chances to contribute to the story. Each character is given a chance to lead the party during game play so they aren't just serving as support for Squall throughout the entire game.

During the flashback scenes, the game only concentrates on three characters. Laguna, Kiros, and Ward are given enough personality and information so players know who they are for each of these sequences, but still leaves enough mystery so the story can slowly reveal more about these characters as the game progresses. In addition to the playable characters, the game includes several supporting characters to help expand on the personalities of these characters. These characters can be as well developed as the main characters (i.e. Seifer, Edea) while there is still mystery around specific ones (i.e. Ultimecia, Ellone).

My favorite character in the game (and probably favorite Final Fantasy character ever) is Squall. Squall is quite controversial as a Final Fantasy hero and gets a mixed reaction from Final Fantasy fans. Regardless of how people feel about Squall, he's got the qualities Square Enix wants for a Final Fantasy hero yet has just enough needed to make him different from all the other heroes they created. While doing research for this post, it is clear the development team was worried Squall might be too similar to Cloud from Final Fantasy VII so they did their best trying to differentiate the two so that is why there are lots moments showing Squall's thoughts throughout the game.

Since this game is a love story, the development team put a lot of thought into how to develop Squall and Rinoa so they could balance each other and work as a couple that can satisfy the players. Throughout the game both Squall and Rinoa evolve and grow throughout the course of the story as their relationship deepens. Rinoa may serve as a damsel in distress throughout the game since she has to be rescued by Squall quite a lot in this game, but Square was actually quite clever in how they wanted to present Rinoa in the game. Meanwhile the game shows how Rinoa's influence allows Squall open up more and let others in.


This is another beautiful Final Fantasy game. It was clear that the development team had a particular look in mind for this game and did whatever they could to bring this vision to life. The desire to have as much realism as possible comes through in the entire look for this game. Although technology has changed since Final Fantasy VIII has been released, it is amazing what the development team was able to create with the technology they did have back in the 90's and what they were able to do with it. You can see this in scenes where they are trying to use full motion videos during the game play such as when there is the battle between Balamb and Galbadia gardens or when Squall's party is trying to cross a bridge at an Galbadian prison.

While the game does look beautiful, I think the desire for detail took away from the game play. The game play is where most of the criticism is often towards. One of the biggest issues I have with the game is the junction system. Although it is one of the characteristics which does make this game stand out from the other Final Fantasy games, it isn't explained very well. Although the game provides tutorials to help players learn how junctions work, I never thought it was quite clear how the junction system works. If you do play this game, I recommend supplementing this game with walkthrough videos from YouTube since many gamers on YouTube or Twitch do a much better job explaining how to junction magic than the game itself.

The junction system is very important since magic is an essential part of Final Fantasy VIII. Magic is how you customize your characters. Players can draw magic from draw points sprinkled throughout the world or draw magic from each monster in battles. Even if a player doesn't plan on using any magic in battle, it still is important for characters to have magic since it affects the stats the character has. The more spells a player has, the better stats your character will have if it is junction to that character. This can be a catch though since using a spell in battle can impact that character's stats during the game. Some monsters can even blow away your magic, changing your stats in midst of a battle.

I always found the draw system quite tedious since many times the draws my characters would try to do would fail rather than draw the magic I wanted. When I did draw some magic, I would only get 2-3 of the spells. Meanwhile as I draw magic, the monster I'm trying to fight keeps trying to attack the person I'm using to draw magic. If you don't have your characters junction very well, every time a monster hits your character can take off large amounts of HP. I've seen many gamers use two characters to draw magic while the third character just keeps attacking the monster. If the party's HP is too low, one of the characters drawing magic can stop to heal the party.

The best thing about the gameplay are the limit breaks. When a character takes a specific number of damage, there is a greater chance of limit accessing a character's limit breaks. This just another way of saying desperation attacks, but these are some of the strongest attacks characters have in the game. Some of these limit break attacks allow players to chose what the character can do such while others are much more random. For example, Squall's finishing moves are always random since the development knew if players were given an option to chose which finishing move to do, everyone would spam Lionhart as much as they could.

My biggest issue with the limit breaks are with ones that allow you to choose. Limit breaks for characters like Quistis and Selphie require players to scroll though lots of choices to find which one you want. While Quistis offers players a little bit more control over what players can chose, Selphie's limit break can be downright frustrating since players literally have to move through random spells to find the one they would like to use. You never know what you are going to get with slot and some of the rare spells she can do will not work against bosses or tougher monsters.

Final Fantasy VIII is a game which requires players to do lots of time gathering items and spells in order to have the right stats for your characters. Although Final Fantasy games do require players to collect items during the story, I felt this game takes this to a larger amount than some of the other Final Fantasy games I've played. Players aren't just gathering spells. They also have to gather items to learn new abilities for battle, make items, complete side quests, and much more. When you play this game, I recommend setting aside some time in each part of the world just to go around and gather as many things as you can so you can keep your stats constantly up to date.

Hands down the most frustrating item to collect in the game are the triple triad card game players can do. Once again Square didn't really have a good tutorial on how the card game actually works. Although the game does have a tutorial players can access to learn how it works, I felt the tutorial was still very vague. If you do plan on playing the card game, once again go on YouTube or Twitch to watch or listen to other gamers explain how it works.


Final Fantasy VIII might not get as much attention as other Final Fantasy games, but it definitely was a groundbreaking game that helped influence later titles with some of the things the development team was able to accomplishment. The game did manage to move and feel like it was a move, but this determination to make this vision come true came at the price of the game play resulting in some of the features not being quite clear to players on how they work or were just a nightmare to use during the game play. If you are a fan of Final Fantasy and Square Enix or love playing RPG games, Final Fantasy VIII is a game you must play.

If you would like to play this game, you can still buy the game on Steam. You can also find used copies of the game online. I recommend checking out websites like Amazon and eBay to find used copies of the game. Amazon also allows you to buy the online game code so you can play the game on your PC if you like.

==> Click here to buy Final Fantasy VIII on Steam!

What did you think of Final Fantasy VIII? Share your favorite memories of the game in the comments below.


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Sep 19, 2018

My Coding Journey: Everything You Need to Know About Forming a Professional Support Network

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We're halfway through September and that means a brand new post in the My Coding Journey series. Lately we've been talking about networking with the Skillcrush 300 lessons. The next lesson is expanding on networking even further by looking at how to form a professional support network. Professional support networks are very helpful for freelancers and solopreneurs. As I continue along my coding journey, I'm always working on growing and improving my professional network.

Although the last lesson had lots of great networking tips to help you in any networking situation, forming a professional support network gets its own lesson since you'll be building different kind of relationship with your professionals than the ones you have with your clients. In this post, I will particularly be concentrating on how to building a relationship with other professionals instead of how to meet them. I'll touch on a few ways to meet other professionals, but most of this post is going to be about why you need a professional network along your career and how to start one.

This post may repeat things from the last post so I recommend revisiting the last post in the series if you are looking for tips on where to meet people, elevator pitches, and more. If you want to review any of the other lessons from Skillcrush 300, make sure you check out the Resources page for all the posts. You can also find other posts in the My Coding Journey series here as well so if you need to brush up on any of the tech skills in this series.

==> Click here to read the Newbie's Guide to Networking post!

So what does a professional support network look like?

Your professional support network are people who can help your career. Skillcrush's definition has the professional network being made up of your peers and people who do similar things like you do. However professional support networks can look differently for every freelancer. Some freelancers can expand this support network even further to have people who aren't in their industry but provide a skill that helps them with their online businesses.

One of my favorite examples of a professional support network in action is Shannon Mattern. Shannon is a WordPress web designer and solopreneur. Shannon often talks about her business in her online courses and blog posts. One of the reasons why her business is successful is due to members of her professional support network. This doesn't include talking to other developers and designers. She also talks about working with other professionals that can help grow her business.

==> Click here to learn more about Shannon Mattern!

Building a professional support network can sound intimidating, but it is much easier to do since you already have things in common with them. These similarities can be common goals, issues, and even successes. I felt lots of impostor syndrome when I was starting to build my support network in tech, but it became easier once I began talking to other developers. The conversations I had with other developers in Twitter chats, webinars, and Facebook groups made me realized they were there to help and most importantly understand the struggles I was facing along my coding journey.

The most successful professional network are like personal relationships you have. A good relationship needs both parties contributing to make it work. Remember the best freelancers focus more on giving to others than what they are getting. This might take some research, time, and putting yourself out there but many freelancers (including the ones that teach at Skillcrush) swear by this. So instead of thinking about what you want to get from other professionals, concentrate on what you can contribute.

Why do you need a professional support network?

There are many reasons why freelancers have a professional support network, but the common three reasons freelancers often use their professional networks for are problem-solving, profit, and friendship. If you still need some convincing, here's a list of benefits Skillcrush provides for students on why they need one for themselves.

Problem Solving

Need help with tricky client issues or negotiations? Your support network is a great place for tips on what to do or say. Other professionals are more likely to understand the struggles and challenges you are facing since chances are they have been in the same situations as well. The advice other professionals give you will be test and tried solutions they have used themselves when they were facing the same struggles.


Professional support networks open the doors for great for collaboration. Many freelancers use their networks to learn about projects. Experienced members of your network will be busy with their own projects and refer their clients to you. If you have a professional network, your connections can give you access to their network by referring you to people who are working on certain projects. Freelancers have specific sets of skills and many will subcontract with others that have skills they lack. I know many freelancers who subcontract with them in order to gain freelancing experiencing.


Networking with other professionals doesn't have to be just all about solving problems and finding work. Having a great support network can be fun and just spending time with friends. Professional support network are a great way have rich conversations from talking about sharing ideas and strategies to just having small talk over what is happening in everyone's week. Having other professionals as friends has plenty more perks including having someone to attend events with.

Finding Professionals at Events

There are plenty of ways to start networking with other professionals. Many of these ways were described in last week's post. Other professionals are doing the same things so you'll be bound to meet others at these events. These ways are great ways to letting others recognize you in these professionals spaces and giving them ways to keep you top of mind.

Connecting with other professionals might sound intimidating. Even more so if you are an introvert. In order to keep yourself from adding tons of pressure on yourself, Skillcrush encourages students to set some connection goals and keep these goals very simple. Simple goals are going to make it easier for you to accomplish and feel more at ease. Plus completing simple can boost your confidence so you can step outside your comfort zone a little more each time.

Simple connection goals look differently for everyone, but one of easiest goals anyone can start with are just by focusing on what you have in common with others. Instead of trying to talk to every single person in the room, you can set yourself a goal to talk to a specific number of people to see what similarities you have in common. You might chat with a few people at these events to see what similarities you have instead of trying to talk to every person in the room.

Remember your goal isn't to sell your services. Instead you need to concentrate on presenting yourself as a friend and even potential partner to other freelancers. Networking is all about staying top of my mind and making yourself memorable to your connections. This is why giving to other freelancers is so important because it will help them remember you.

Another Skillcrush tip to help you connect with other professionals is the business card. These are especially important for in person networking events and meetups. When you connect with others, ask them for a business card. Don't forget to bring your own business cards just in case other professionals ask for one as well.

Finally, Skillcrush recommends skipping your elevator pitch when it comes to connecting with other professionals. Instead they encourage students to focus on what they are doing and how they can help others. This tip can be a bit controversial since some career experts suggest using this even among other professionals. Therefore, I'm going to leave it up you to decide. Your elevator pitch can work in some situations and others it might be best to go with the casual approach so you can use your best judgment there.

How to start building a connection with other professionals?

Now that you have found some events to attend, the next step is building your connection with each of the professionals you reach out to. Doing so will allow you to grow you relationship with these connections over time while expanding your own network in your process. In order to help their students begin building bonds with other freelancers, Skillcrush provides some tips on what they need to do to get started. Some of these tips include the following.
  • Thank everyone that helps and support you.
  • Offer to help more than asking for help
  • Congratulate others on small victories and accomplishments others have made. These victories can look like finishing a project or getting a job.
  • Inviting others to attend events you are going to.
  • Sharing resources
Once you've started reaching out to other professionals, wait and see who responds back to you. This is where patience is going to come in. Some won't respond to your messages right away and that is normal since everyone is busy. With this in mind, you can use this to your advantage and just keep your messages short and easy to read. Skillcrush recommend students match their message to the platform you are using so people can easily read it.

If you are struggling to find other professionals to connect with, start making more contributions on different platforms. Many Facebook groups, Twitter Chats, and Slack groups will have areas for new members to introduce themselves. These areas are very active and a great place for newbies to start. But if you don't know someone very well or know this person on a variety of platforms, feel free to send an e-mail.

Has anyone sent you a message? If anyone sent you a message, don't forget to send them a response back. On specific platforms, you can see who follows you. You can follow them back or send them a quick message. This is why Twitter is popular for developers since people can follow each other, retweet comments, and have mini conversations within Twitter chat topics.

Finally, follow and reach out to professionals that inspires you. Don't be afraid to reach out to these individuals and let them know. Many appreciate these comments since it shows they are helping others. During Twitter chats, I will often mention other professionals that I admire and many have either liked the tweets I wrote. Some have even responded back thanking me for what I wrote.


You are now ready to start growing your professional support network! This post shares some tips from Skillcrush 300's latest lesson on why a professional support network is important to have. I have even reviewed what you can do to start building your very own.

Skillcrush 300 has one more lesson on networking. Next month's post is going to concentrate on improving the connections you've already made and maintaining these relationships in order to get the most from them. I'll even review ways to start reaching out to your top leads.


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Dimensions Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Felt Applique Ornament Kits

It is time for another craft kit! This week's post is highlighting another post from Needlework Kits. February was a very productive craft kit month with two kits being made. The latest post in Needlework Kits looks at the second Dimensions craft kit which is Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Felt Applique ornaments.

I made this kit as soon as I finished with the Bumble Felt Applique kit. There are four ornaments in this kit based on the characters from the 1964 holiday special. This kit took me a few days, but you can see the progress I made on these kits via Instagram. To learn more about my experience and get some tips to making this kit, just visit the Needlework Kits blog to learn more.

==> Click here to read my review on the Dimensions Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer Felt Applique Ornaments!

If there are any craft kits you'd like to see on the Needlework Kits blog, let me know in the comments section and I'll do my best to make it happen. Feel free to add your own thoughts and tips in the comments as well to help other crafters with these kits.

Important Announcement: Future of The Original BritishPandaChick

This week's topic for the Ambitionista Twitter chat was all about reinventing yourself. During the chat, we discussed what this means an...